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Welcome to CoolBearCraft, a top Minecraft Towny server with an awesome staff and player community. Join the website to enjoy 12 FREE Ranks you can unlock for free just by playing. There are plenty of cool plugins such as SilkSpawners, Auction House, and Crates.

Add mc.cbcraft.net to your server list to get started today. 

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Feel free to say hi to the community! 
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Neurohhello i have a desperate need for $1MIL so if anyone wants to make that happen lmk
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flapjack1968   only if it is compounded hourly. I'm no fool.
RainAndRoses   I'll give you 1 million if you give me 2 million
Itslongvahung   How about a penny?
Patches33001Sup my dudes.
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lakelansing   Hi friend.
lakelansing   My deal is better.
DarkUnicorn8   registered to CoolBearCraft - Top Towny Minecraft Server
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SLOlizardMAN327The server coffee break that occurred at 11:00pm here clear lagged 8 of my compressed carbon. :(
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FadeDeadshot   already sorted it flap
lakelansing   I think that the server should start going a like-spam breaks instead,
Itslongvahung   Maybe, just maybe, lake
ItslongvahungI am still always on forums at least! :d
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Chiaroscuros   Well, I wouldn't say on the forums, but definitely on this wall on the main homepage. ;) You are even more active here than you are on your own Enjin wall!
Itslongvahung   Nope, always looking at forums, I have lots of thoughts, just don't express myself enough
ItslongvahungAm i on as often anymore? I'm sick D:
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lakelansing   Not quite.
GriffinTheGamer1guys my comupters broke i wont be on for a while
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lakelansing   Aw, tell it to get well soon.
Patches33001   Omg ik how you feel way too well. I've broken my crappy laptop way too many times. Also revived it too many times. I should just sacrifice its corpse to Cthulhu and save up for an actual good one xD
Itslongvahung   R.I.P Computer, hope it gets fixed soon.
Zilock4288Guys im leaving CBC. You many have noticed i havent been on for the play few weeks and thats because im getting bored of minecraft and i havent been feeling like myself latley and i need to find out who i am. Ive made so many memories and made so many friends who have come and go and its my time to go. I will miss you all but i will never forget all of you and ive ben one of the oldest players on the server i first joined in december of 2015 and i will always remember all the great times i had and i am so glad to have meet all of you amazing, lovely people but it is time for me to move on. I hope that you all remember me and i promise i will come back to cbc one day to see all of my amazing bear family. But, its time for me to move and give my farwell and please look after royal mesa when im gone.
Goodbye from Zil i will miss you all :(
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flapjack1968   Best of luck, Zilock!
Chiaroscuros   To answer Fade's question, I believe the green names and sparkles are for those who were at the 2 year party/
Itslongvahung   Very unfortunate, however i do understand, good luck Zilock on your journey!
ReddRosesGuess who's back! Yes, it's your superior Redd!! I made a promise to myself I would come on more, but I am not usually a women of my words so lets see how this goes!
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Chiaroscuros   You just missed the Easter Egg hunt event! D:
Chiaroscuros   But welcome back!
FadeDeadshot   Glad to see you back redd we have all missed you :p
Neilio_Xtreme   registered to CoolBearCraft - Top Towny Minecraft Server
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FadeDeadshot   Welcome.
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News & Announcements

Greetings to all you Bears and Happy Easter!!!

As mentioned in a previous announcement, today is the start of CoolBearCraft's Easter Egg Hunt Event!

Anyone can participate in the Easter Egg Hunt simply by looking around the spawn for Easter Eggs. There are a total of 30 different eggs that have been hidden, all of them with colorful swirly spell particles that burst out of them. Once you have found an egg, you can open it by right-clicking it. Each egg has a chance to give you a copy of that same egg style to use as a decoration or it might give you various amounts of Easter Chocolate. Attached is a map of spawn which highlights the areas where the Easter Eggs can be found. They are also not randomly hidden, some are out in the open, and each egg is accessible without fly. Can you find and collect all 30 different styles of Easter Eggs? 

The Easter Chocolate is a new unique item made completely for this event. When you eat the chocolate, it will make you "hyper" and give you the potion effects for speed to run quickly and haste to mine faster. The unique feature of these Easter Chocolates is that if you eat more, you will get a stronger "sugar-rush" and get higher levels of the speed effect to run even faster!!

If you read the previous news post, it mentioned something important about this event in that it will be easier to collect the Easter Eggs today, on Easter Sunday. On Easter Sunday (today), you will be able to open each egg once every hour to increase your chances of getting all the eggs and as much Easter Chocolate as you can. The event will continue for the rest of the week, but after today you will only be able to open each egg once every 3 hours.

But wait... There's more!!! There are also special Easter Rabbits which will spawn throughout the Forage world. These rabbits will run much faster than normal rabbits and have a bit more health, but if you manage to kill them you might be able to get some interesting item drops from them. One of the common special Easter drops is the Easter Key, an item that will open up the Egg Basket that is at the "/warp forage" platform. That basket has a chance to reward players with various spawn eggs! These rabbits will also continue to spawn all week long.

Good luck, happy hunting, and have a very hoppy Easter!