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Welcome to CoolBearCraft, a top Minecraft Towny server with an awesome staff and player community. Join the website to enjoy 12 FREE Ranks you can unlock for free just by playing. There are plenty of cool plugins such as SilkSpawners, Auction House, and Crates.

Add mc.cbcraft.net to your server list to get started today. 

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Feel free to say hi to the community! 
Important posts should be made in the forums. Wall posts get lost over time.

Hyrule_78   registered to CoolBearCraft - Top Towny Minecraft Server
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FadeDeadshot   Welcome to the Forums
OlafBlockbane   registered to CoolBearCraft - Top Towny Minecraft Server
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FadeDeadshot   Welcome to the Forums
ItslongvahungWow, 3rd time today, but this time it was smoke that triggered the alarm.
What a coincidence.
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lakelansing   Interesting. What was the smoke from?
Itslongvahung   Don't know actually, maybe Forgot, Srry
ItslongvahungHi, Its Tuesday, hows your Tuesday been?? Someone pulled the fire alarm at our school, twice, I think
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Itslongvahung   Not in one day
flapjack1968   wow - really stupid thing to do given the current climate with school violence. People could freak and get hurt.
lakelansing   Not really a smart thing to do, but people probably won't freak out because the fire alarms go off like 10 times per year between the all the drills, and all the people that manage to accidentally pull itl
ItslongvahungWherer is everyone?
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lakelansing   Right here.
OmegaGamer7343   I'm almost done with some studies, so I'll hopefully be more active on the server.
Darkdeather117   registered to CoolBearCraft - Top Towny Minecraft Server
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Itslongvahung   Welcome to the CoolBearCraft Forums Darkdeather117! I'm sure you know about it, because I've seen your intro and I liked it alot! Just a review, (Its here anyways) you can report bugs, ask questions, or just leave a suggestion. Other than that, my usual last words are Have Fun!!
ItslongvahungNothing exciting this month??
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Darkdeather117   There's always something interesting. Have to make it yourself sometimes, but it's there. Every month can be fun with some effort. You may just not be looking hard enough. How about building a show or roller coaster? Even something small could be nice. You never know. Haha. Anyways, sorry for the long post. Very nice to meet you. Enjoy your day. Until next time! See ya.
ItslongvahungWell in our state we all protested about gun violence. I believe our entire state schools did. Almost everyone went out and some of the teachers were proud for this.
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RainAndRoses   That's really cool, it's spring break for me so I couldn't do it :/
ItslongvahungHappy Pie Day!!
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ItslongvahungI haven't been active lately, due to school conferences, tests, projects, etc. But i should hopefully be back on Tuesday or today.
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News & Announcements

Hello, Bears!

As you are most likely noticing right now, the Home page of the CoolBearCraft community website has a new addition: this section for News & Announcements! The addition of this section will help keep players up-to-date with changes/additions to CoolBearCraft as well as learn about on-going and future events!

To take advantage of this new area for announcements, I would like to let all players know that the resource worlds (Forage, Nether, and The End) have all been reset with new maps. In addition to the reset of these worlds, the Forage world is going to try something new and become more like the Nether and the End where fly, god, and creative modes are not allowed. This change should bring a more vanilla feel to Forage, making exploration of the Forage world a bit more challenging so that finding something like a desert temple or ocean monument will feel more rewarding as they are found less often. /RTP is still enabled in the Forage world to help explore the map and get away from its starting platform. This change will also help to create a fair playing field between players of all ranks for features that will be added in the future.

Which brings me to the next topic, a Treasure Hunt event which will be held in the Forage world! This Treasure Hunt event has been set-up by Fade and is planned to occur between March 9 - March 11. Find out more about the Treasure Hunt in THIS thread in the Event forum!

OmegaGamer7343 Very nice!
flapjack1968 a Awesome! Great work!