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It's with a heavy heart, that I must announce the closing of CoolBearCraft. This week, the server will go down for the last time. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed the experience. I've made friends around world and watched so many others do the same. Some just stopped in to play a little family-friendly Minecraft, while others built life long friendships.

I've learned a few things along the way:

1) Everyone deserves a second chance. If you played here long at all, you know that we booted players who didn't fit the culture or broke the rules, but a sincere apology was usually enough to lift a ban. Some of our best players and longest running players started with a ban or had a bad day along the way.

2) Success isn't defined only by the tools you're given. I've seen simple box houses, enormous mansions, complete cities and things I can't even describe created by 7 year-olds using simple blocks. I've seen players take simple tools and combine them in ways they were never intended to create something entirely new. If you think that doesn't matter, just ask the inventors of Uber or Google. Imagination, tenacity, research and collaboration are powerful.

3) Growing up isn't easy. I have always been amazed at how often "game life" and "real life" are intermingled on the server. Games like Minecraft give many of us a chance to work things out with people we don't see IRL. I've seen many of you rise to the occasion when another player just needed someone to mine with them, act silly, talk out their problems or just listen. I've seen kids dealing with everything from social challenges, academics, parents, friends to lost loved ones, thoughts of suicide and even cancer. For those that found help and those that gave it, I'm genuinely proud of you.

4) Words matter. Not everything said on the server was positive. There are always people that see gaming as their opportunity to say whatever divisive, hurtful or derogatory comment that comes to mind. It's only a game, right? Don't forget that there are always real people on the other end of a chat line and what you say might (and often does) mean more to the receiver than the sender.

I know many of you are already connected through other social networking mediums, but I will leave the website live for a while to give you a chance to reach out to people you want to keep up with.

Again, thank you. And I would especially like to thank all of the staff members that stepped up to make CBC what it is. You're amazing. I can't list everyone here, but I owe a special thanks to @Chiaroscuros, and @Hols_Oak for their many hours behind the scenes and advice over the years.

What's next?


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flapjack1968   published CoolBearCraft is coming to a close this week... on News
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CoolBearCraft - Top Towny Minecraft Server has reached a new hit record of 169 unique hits today!
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Actually im just kidding im still dead, but happy thanksgiving to everyone!
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CoolBearCraft - Top Towny Minecraft Server has reached a new hit record of 165 unique hits today!
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