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Welcome to CoolBearCraft, a top Minecraft Towny server with an awesome staff and player community. Join the website to enjoy 12 FREE Ranks you can unlock for free just by playing. There are plenty of cool plugins such as SilkSpawners, Auction House, and Crates.

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FadeDeadshot Hey bears the server is down at the min but admin know about it so it should be back up and running soon
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miike333   Thank you for the update.
LiquidSoulFlywhy wasnt the forage reset as the timer said it would be.........
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FadeDeadshot   as the timer says " Estimated Days Left Until Forage Reset "
its a estimated time
OneForAllMight   registered to CoolBearCraft - Top Towny Minecraft Server
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LiquidSoulFlyunder 24 hours till i get promoted to coolbear and can we get an end and nether reset please
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AyScorch   registered to CoolBearCraft - Top Towny Minecraft Server
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DarkJainra   registered to CoolBearCraft - Top Towny Minecraft Server
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miike333Collecting banners. Looking to fill Banner Hall at Avalon. Would love to display your banner!
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Dr_EndikutMy letters can come and go, I discovered a visual lag or something when a person is disguised and go to a minigame they become invisable.
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News & Announcements

Hello, Bears, and welcome to the month of May!

The Forage world has just been reset with a freshly seeded map. This new forage map has a notable feature too: there is a Woodland Mansion located somewhere inside the world border! Keep an eye out when exploring those roofed forest biomes.

As always, you can get to the Forage world by using "/warp Forage" or by walking through the Forage Portal located in the warps room inside the spawn. If you had any /home locations set in the previous Forage world, they will no longer work. Please remember that the Forage world does get reset and that Towny and its commands are disabled in the Forage world. Builds and items in the Forage world are not protected and may be lost. 

Along with the reset of the Forage world, a countdown timer has been added to the forum pages. This countdown timer displays the time remaining until the next planned reset of the Forage world. Keep in mind that the time remaining is an estimation and there may be delays.